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Rashy-shol is committed to maintain the health and safety of its employees within our place of work.

It is the duty of all members of staff to comply with correct operating procedures of any machinery and to utilize safety equipment.

Furthermore to act and conduct themselves in a manner which does not endanger either themselves or any other member of staff.

Under no circumstances should any person operate or attempt they have not been authorized, or have not been adequately trained should safety equipment not be available for any reason, a written memo should be provided to the quality manager or managing director before proceeding

All accidents or injuries sustained on the premises should be reported to the quality manager and logged in the accident book, which is located at or near the First Aid Box.

In the event of a fire, keep calm, proceed without stopping to collect belongings to the exit and assembles in front of the warehouse. Do not leave the warehouse area until instructed to do so.

Rashy-shol is commented to providing a safe working environment, we require your cooperation in maintaining this.